Compatibility Issue

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While trying to make the project given in the link I am coming across the problem where my fingerprint module is not being detected and showing "module not found check connection" whereas all the circuits are attached as shown in the image.I am using a R307 fingerprint whereas the module used in the project is R305.Can you help me if it is of fingerprint compatibility issue.

I do not understand what you are referring to as "compatibility issue" All R307 fingerprint sensors will work with Arduino 

Just make sure if your connections are correct and you powering it with a proper power source. Then try the example code, also remeber to enroll the finger before you try detecting it. 

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Thursday at 12:15 PM

I was referring as in the project R305 was used so am concerned since am using a R307 that is why the module is not detected and also I would like to ask if external power has to be given as am only using the arduino usb cable.Should I also add the power sorce of 12V.

Thank You.

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Tuesday at 08:13 PM

All the R305 and R307 FPS module are compatible with Arduino.You should verify all the connections and give 12V DC power source to arduino DC barrel jack.


Hope it helps!!!

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Thursday at 12:29 PM