8x48 LED Matrix hand made


I am  new to Arduino. Basically I'm doing Mechanical Engineering. I this COVID lockdown I tried to learn basic programmings so I'm trying to make 8x48 running LED message display. I need to display date and time to my display. IS there anyone who can help me to add time and date feature in my 8x48 Hand Made LED Matrix Display using 74HC595 IC. Need numerical bitmap.


That is a very simple task for the Arduino you can use an RTC module like DS3231 to track date and time.

If you are using an ESP8266 or ESP32 you can just pull the Epoch Time and you are good to go... no additional hardware required for the ESP8266 or ESP32.


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Srijay, as rightly answered by Mr. Debashis, for this you can use a RTC hardware with Arduino like DS1307 to get the date and time.If you dont want to use RTC hardware then you can also use ESP8266, NodeMCU etc to get the time, date using any time library using internet. You can go any way of your preference.

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