How Does RF Mixer IC works?

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How Does RF Mixer IC works?
December 1, 2019 - 5:01am

Hi Guys

I'm absolutely beginner in eloctronics and unfortunately my English is not very good. so i tell myself to come here and join to you guys and start questioning and learning from you professionals.

my first question is about SA612AD/01 and thas is a RF mixer ic and i don't know how it's work. like it has 2 rf inputs. ok why 2 inputs? can anyone explain this ic or sth like that for me please?

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As the name suggests the RF mixer is used to mix Radio Frequency signals or other electromagnetic signals. This is very commonly done to radiofrequency signals to increase their frequency without changing the phase and amplitude (information) of the signal. Normally a low frequency signal will be added with a high frequency signal.

The SA612AD IC is a Double balanced mixer IC which has two input pins to get two different frequencies that are to be added. 

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An RF mixer is a three-port passive or active device that can modulate or demodulate a signal. The purpose is to change the frequency of an electromagnetic signal while preserving every other characteristic of the initial signal. Our range of RF mixers includes devices both with and without an integrated local oscillator.