EMI Filter / Line Filter substitution question

Submitted by Tom on Thu, 09/17/2020 - 02:10

I have a Corcom 10VV1 that has gone bad. I have a spare Delta 10DRCG5. Does anyone know if these are equivelent? Can I use this Delta in place of the Corcom?  

Both are 10A - 115/250V but not sure about the rest of the specs.

Yes you can use it.

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Monday at 02:11 PM

Okay thanks for sharing. That what what I was leaning towards but figured I should take a step back and be sure before proceeeding.

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Thursday at 02:02 AM

Electrical is a huge thing, electronics is a small part of electronics.

Always use the product datasheet for the confirmation.

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Monday at 02:11 PM