5v to 12V analog converter

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First off, new to this forum. Glad to be here :D

And to go on....

I have been looking into this little problem of mine for some time now, never found anything concrete. So I thought I would ask.

So I have a farm. And a lot of machinery. For which I have many ideas on how to improve them. But..... Keep getting to the same problem.

Controlling 12V analog components with a 5V controller. The way that I am trying to do this is to use an arduino with some of the components from the machinery I have, which are controlled by 12V, but the arduino has 5V output. 

So my question is how would I go about this. As a programmer the software side wont be much of a problem for me its just the electronics side in which I am a beginner.

Will I need a circuit board of some kind or.... 

Is there an open source like ECU which is already designed to be used in any kind of industrial or agricultural machinery. I have looked in to some of the ECU out there, but there does not seem to be anything that wont cost like 2000€ :D:D, just for the ECU.

Thanks for your help it will be greatly appreciated.

You need a simple logic level conversion. Add a Mosfet or transistor depending on the current you want to drive. Now cotrol the Mosfet on or off the load conected across it will automatically work depending on it.

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I have tried the mosfet idea before but got strange results. The 12V output was not in correlation with the 5V. But I did try it without putting a proper load on the mosfet. Just a measuring device to see how it reacts. And an arduino on the mosfet that controlled the analog output by 0.5V bettween 0V to 5V. But if I remeber correctly the low voltage did not even activate the mosfet and it basically worked as transistor that just worked as a switch.

Will try again maybe did something wrong :D

Thank you for your reply. 

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