30 0 30 dual power supply

Submitted by Herman on Sat, 08/28/2021 - 11:15

After converting 30 0 30 Ac 5A dual supply to DC with 4 Diodes and two 10000uf Capacitors I get DC out dual supply of 46 0 46 volts . How to regulate this dual supply to get stable 30 0 30 v . This supply is to be used for an Amplifier

This is due to the open circuit voltage. Put a load of 1A and check the voltage. Provide the data of the transformer. Generally you do not need regulation in push pull power amplifier stages.

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Monday at 02:11 PM

Transformer data 30 0 30 5A is all I have

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Saturday at 11:10 AM

which type of diode you are using for rectification. if you are using schottky diode then your output may be increased by √2 times. May be you are getting higher voltage due to this reason. please check

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Friday at 04:53 PM

It is perfectly normal to have higher voltage from a transformer at no load conditions. Every transformer is rated for a minimum load to regulate the output voltage. How much load you are drawing from the transformer? Since it is a huge transformer 50% voltage increase in no load condition is quite ok. After the transformer output, even rectification is done, you need some sort of regulator to regulate the voltage.


My best guess is that, the Amplifier will need to have 24V+ and 24V- if this transformer is needs to be used. Generally 15V+ & 15V- , 18V+ & 18V- can be created from a 20V 0 20V transformer.

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Monday at 02:11 PM