Push Button LED Circuit

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Push Button LED Circuit

In this tutorial, we are going to show you that how a push button works and how to use a push button in your circuit. Here, we are controlling a LED using Push Button. A Push Button is a type of switch which shorts or completes the circuit when it is pressed. It is used in many circuits to trigger the systems. A spring is placed inside it to take it back in initial or off position as soon as the button is released. It is usually made up of hard material like plastic or metal.


Material Required

  • Resistor (500ohms)
  • LED- green
  • Push Button
  • Connecting wire
  • Supply voltage – 5v


Push Button

A Push Button is a type of switch work on a simple mechanism called “Push-to-make”. Initially, it remains in off state or normally open state but when it is pressed, it allows the current to pass through it or we can say it makes the circuit when pressed. Normally their body is made up of plastic or metal in some types.


Push Button structure has four legs, two on one side and other two on another side. So, we can operate two lines of the circuit by single Push Button. Two legs on both the sides are internally connected as shown in the figure above.


Push Button Structure


Push Button operation


The working concept of Push Button is given above, till the button pressed it conducts current through it or make the circuit. As the button released it break the circuit again.


Working of Push Button LED Circuit

The LED circuit with push button is shown below. Here we have just added a push button to the simple LED circuit covered here.

Push Button working concept

The one leg of Push Button is connected to 5v supply and the other one is connected with LED via the resistor, as shown in circuit diagram. Initially, Push Button does not allow the current to flow through it, but when it is pressed it completes the circuit and LED will start to glow. The current will pass till the button is pressed, as soon as we release it, the LED will be turned off as push-button breaks the circuit and stop the supply. It can be clearly understood by the animated circuit diagram above. 


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