Negative Voltage Generator Circuit Diagram using IC 555

Negative Voltage Generator


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Negative Voltage Generator using IC 555

In electronics applications sometimes we need negative voltage. However getting a negative supply source is not a reliable option, when it is needed for low current applications. For many electronic circuits which require low power, we cannot go for a negative voltage power source. For the applications of reference or low power purposes one can go for circuits which can generate negative voltage from positive voltage supply. 

There are many circuits for this purpose. Here we have designed a simple negative voltage generator circuit. This circuit is developed from 555IC timer circuit.



+5 to +9 supply voltage

555 IC

1KΩ, 10KΩ resistors

104 (100 nF), 223 (22 nF), 22µF capacitors (2 pieces)

IN4148 diodes (2 pieces)

Testing probes.


Circuit Diagram and Working Explanation

Negative Voltage Generator Circuit Diagram

The above figure shows the circuit diagram of negative voltage generator. The 555IC timer here is acted as an ASTABLE vibrator. The capacitor here can be changed however the selection should pursued for maximum negative voltage. If selected capacitance does not suit well, than we can not get maximum negative voltage at the output.

As said earlier the 555 Timer IC acts as a square wave generator here and it generates square wave. The square will have a positive peak and +0 ground forming a complete cycle.

Now when there is a positive voltage peak at the output, there will be a current flow (REDLINE) as shown in figure below. During this time, the diode D1 will be forward biased and the diode D2 will reverse biased.

Because of this the capacitor C1 gets charged as shown in figure, and a voltage VCC appears across it.

555 Timer Based Negative Voltage Generator

Now when ground appears after positive peak, there will be a current flow (RED LINE) as shown in figure below. During this time diode D1 will be reverse biased and diode D2 will be forward biased. With D2 being forward biased, the charge stored in capacitor C1 will have a way to flow. So the capacitor C1 discharges through D2, along the way it charges the capacitor C2. This is shown in figure.

Negative Voltage Generator Circuit using IC 555

So during 0V signal, there will a voltage appearing across C2 capacitor.

Negative Voltage using IC 555 Circuit Diagram

The voltage appeared across C2 will be of negative sign where referred to ground. This charging and discharging continuous with every cycle and there will be stable negative voltage across output with respect to ground. 


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