Melody or Sound Generator Circuit

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Melody or Sound Generator Circuit

A lot of toys have some kind of melody tones in them. But how do these tones generate? Here we have designed a simple tone generator circuit using only a single melody generator IC.  


Circuit Components

  • BT66T-19L
  • 1K Resistor
  • Breadboard
  • 3 Volt lithium Battery
  • Buzzer
  • Push Button


Circuit Diagram and Explanation

Melody Generator Circuit Diagram

​Working and connections for this project is very easy. BT66T Melody generator IC’s BD or output pin is connected to buzzer through a 1K resistor and Vss to ground. A push button is connected with Vdd pin of melody IC with battery. When we press this attached button, melody IC plays a “For Elise” melody using a buzzer. If we keep pressing the button, melody repeat again and again.


In this circuit we have used only single chip namely BT66T-19L for generation of Elise melody or sound. A push button is used to start melody and a buzzer for sound and a single 3 Volt Lithium battery for powering the circuit.


Main component of this circuit is melody generator chip which generate a melody tone when we press push button.  There are some features mentioned for melody generator family’s IC with some specifications.


BT66T has some melody ICs namely:

BT66T-19L for “For Elise” melody Generation

BT66T-02L for “Jingle bell” melody Generation

BT66T-08L for “Happy Birthday” melody Generation

BT66T-19L for “Love story” melody Generation

BT66T-19L for “It’s a Small World” melody Generation



Plays a melody consisting of 64 note

Inbuilt RC oscillator

64-note ROM memory

TO-92 Package

Start from the head of melody

Power on Reset

Direct piezo drive

Dynamic speaker cab be driven using transistor externally.

Sound range 2 octaves

Operating Voltage 1.3 Volt to 3.3 Volts


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