Bit Shift Calculator





About Bit Shift Calculator


This calculator is made to calculate bit shift operation among two bits. This bit shift calculator lets you execute bit shifts to the left, and bit shifts to the right. These logical operations can be easily done by binary, octal, and decimal number systems, and the calculator gives the results in binary, Decimal, and Hexadecimal Number.

Bit Shift Calculation Steps 

A bit shift moves each digit in a number's binary representation left or right. The value of the binary digit changes depending upon the shifting operation.

Left Shift: 

When shifting left, the most-significant bit is lost, and a  0 bit is inserted in place of the end bit. The left shift operation is usually written as “<<”.

0010 << 1 → 0100

0010 << 2 → 1000

Note: A single left shift multiplies a binary number by 2. You can see that in the above example.

Right Shift: 

When a bit is right shifted, the least-significant bit is lost and the most-significant bit is copied. The right shift operation is usually written as “>>”.

1011 >> 1  →  1101

1011 >> 3  →  1111