5 Interesting Wearable Tech Gadgets You Should Know About

Published  December 22, 2015   1
First V1sion Smart Wearable

With the consistency in the advancement of technology, the most popular technology to be emerged now is wearable tech gadgets. Many mobile companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony has come up with supported Smartwatch gadget that provides information regarding everything that your smartphone gives, without looking at the smartphone.


Besides smartwatch, there are many wearable tech gadgets capable of doing anything, like providing information regarding injury, health, safety helmet, relaxation gadget, and many more. With these wearable gadgets one can perform all sort of task with great ease. Let’s have a look at the top 5 wearable tech gadgets of this year worth trying.


1. Google Glass

Google Glass

Now take HD photos and videos with the innovative Google Glass forming the best substitute for a smartphone. Besides this, the technology also allows you to send messages and visualize the information on what’s trending currently on social media without checking the phone again and again. It has a small screen and a touch panel to control it. So this wearable headset forms a perfect replacement of a smartphone that does everything that a smartphone could do.


2. Apple Watch

apple watch

This wearable gadget is basically iPhone supported one. The most attractive product you can wear on your wrist. Apple watch can be paired with the iPhone via Bluetooth. And then you can make and respond to calls directly from your wrist but capability of contact addition is not available, for which one needs to head towards the smartphone.

Health conscious? Then track your fitness level with this wearable product that informs the user regarding its heart rate, amount of calories burnt, including steps. But no GPS is enabled for fitness.

iPhone compatible apps are available within the smartwatch like messaging, games, Gmail, and many more. We can get push notifications like facebook messages, alerts etc. directly on Smartwatch. It lacks in the text message edition capability.

The gadget is not compatible with other smartphones and for full functioning of gadget, iPhone needs to be nearby the gadget. Although other companies have also launched their Smartwatches which can be paired with their Mobile phones.


3. Skully AR-1 Helmet

Skully Helmet

The technology has advanced so much that not only wearable smartwatches has emerged but there are other wide variety of wearable technology also. One such is Skully AR-1 bike helmet.

This smart wearable guides you with GPS and 180 degree rear view camera navigation making your journey easier by equipping the features of Google Glass. Now make a hand-free navigation with this smart technology.

Does your phone and music sound louder while riding? Control it from your helmet without risking the use of phone. Protect yourself from sun’s reflection with the help of sun shaded screen just away at the touch of a button.

The most disadvantage of this technology is the weight of the technology. This might act as a burden on your head as it is heavier than normal ones.


4. Muse


Set the head sensing headband right above your ears to meditate with great ease. Experience the great relaxing sense while meditation like never before for a healthy inner peace.

The app brings the nature to you irrespective of where you are with the amazing ear bud feature that plays musical rhythm of rainforest, waves on the beach, providing you great relaxation.

It can help boost up your energy with the great meditation headband ever. It also controls you from diverting your focus to other things by increasing the intensity of the sounds. So whenever you go out of rhythm and tend to think about something else the app senses it and brings you back to focus. So get a deeper relaxation like never before with the muse gadget and notice the change by yourself.


5. First V1sion

First V1sion Smart Wearable

Are you a sports lover? Then the must have wearable gadget is FirstV1sion. This wearable gadget is formed by fusing a t-shirt with a HD camera to relive the filed vision of an athlete as a viewer. Relive the emotion, vertigo, or sense the speed, and many more of an athlete just by watching the match. Mic feature for the better audio clarity.

Low latency video with delay less than 2 milliseconds is sent to the viewers for great visualization by the use of RF transmission technology.

This could be a great technology to be emerged to broadcast any live sports.


At last, I would like to mention one more wearable Gadget, which I feel the important one and should be interesting to know about, that is Oculus Rift


Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is a Head mounted virtual reality display device which is developed by Oculus VR Company. Now Oculus VR is acquired by Facebook.

Oculus Rift change the whole viewing experience whether you are playing a game or watching a movie. It brings you in that environment virtually like you are the part of the game or can act lively like a player. Other than playing Games you can take any kind of virtual experience like a space flight, deep forest tour, flying in the sky etc, there are huge number of things you can experience with Oculus. Because of its usability, it can be used in many fields like education, learning, training etc other than the entertainment. This device has great potential and can be a breakthrough in the world of Tech.

It is scheduled to be launched in beginning of year 2016.

We can expect James bond era is coming time. Where these gadgets can work wonder from surveillance point of view. Though unwanted ray emission from these gadgets needs to be tactfully handled.