Arduino based Obstacle Avoiding Vacuum Cleaning Robot
ArduRoller - An Arduino Based Self Balancing Robot
WiFi Controlled Robot using Arduino
Bluetooth Controlled Robo-car using Arduino


Microcontroller Projects

Door Alarm using Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor

Security has always been a major concern for all of us and there are many Hi tech and IoT based security and surveillance...

Arduino based Obstacle Avoiding Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Hi guys, are you a newbie to the world of Robotics or Electronic? OR Are you looking for a simple yet powerful project to make...

Smart Phone Controlled Bluetooth FM Radio using Arduino and Processing

In this project we will use an existing FM radio which went repair a long time ago, to convert it into a Smart Wireless FM...

How to Use Neopixel RGB LED Strip with Arduino and TFT LCD

Any color is made up of three colors: Red, Green and Blue, using a simple RGB LED you can generate any color. But the...

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