Milk Spillage Stopper
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Mukkabir Rahman

Milk Spillage Stopper

Milk boiling and spilling over is a problem faced by majority of us. We try to stand there...


Milk boiling and spilling over is a problem faced by majority of us. We try to stand there seemingly and see milk boil.But sometimes our focus gets distracted by a person on the door , or watching TV or our phones and milk Spills over creating a mess.This is a problem faced by all of us. Apart from loss of milk, spilling of milk also extinguishes the gas flame which apart from being a gas wastage source,is also safety hazard.So,i think of a solution which solves this problem. It will eliminate the hassles of continuously watching the milk boil. Here, I have though of making a small portable device,which will be fixed near the stove to monitor the increase in temperature with time of the milk vessel and set off an alarm when the temperature reaches the desired target.The device will cosist of a temperature sensor, programmable processor and an alarm.The sensor will continuously give the temperature input to the processor and when the temperature reaches a certain limit, indicating when the milk is just about to boil, it will set off the alarm. This will remove the need of continuous monitoring of milk and make us productive as we could spend our precious time on doing something more than just seeing the milk boil.with this idea, we don't need to buy specialized and costly milk boilers. The same device can also be programmed to monitor the cooking of other foods products.

Project Used Hardware


.Arduino uno , DS18B20 water proof digital temperature sensor, Potentiometer,Buzzer,Lcd screen, jumper wire, push buttons, led lights,resistors , 9v battery.

Project Used Software

Tinker CAD, Arduino ide

Project Hardware Software Selection

Arduino Uno was selected as it is readily available. Arduino IDE software is used to program the board.DS18B20 sensors were used to detect the temperature of the milk . Buzzer is used

Circuit Diagram

The sensor is connected to the arduino as a input device and send the value the buzzer connected to the arduino as a output device which makes sound.